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Study in Canada

Canada is probably the most popular destination for French students when it comes to studying abroad. If some have made their bag without hesitation, others procrastinate for a long time. It is an understandable situation. Canada is a large country with an area of ​​9,984,670 km², with an Anglo-Saxon culture, enough to intimidate many. To encourage you, we have decided to give you our 10 good reasons to study in Canada.

A qualified and reputable education system

The Canadian education system is ranked among the best in the world thanks to the quality of training and its opportunities. Brock University is recognized for its quality of student life. In addition, studying in Canada will allow you to obtain a diploma recognized worldwide, enough to offer you thousands of professional opportunities.

Professionalizing programs

By going to study in Canada, you will have access to varied courses that integrate a professionalizing dimension through internships and work-study programs. Enough to apply your theoretical knowledge in real conditions and develop your professional experience.

Must-see tourist spots

Among the good reasons to study in Canada, there is the richness of its landscapes! Who hasn’t dreamed of being as close as possible to Niagara Falls or watching the Northern Lights? The Great Lakes region in the West is also popular with travellers. By coming to study in Canada, you will be only a few hours away from its magnificent places.

Improve your level of English

By choosing to study in an English-speaking city, you can considerably improve your level of English ! Indeed, you will be immersed with locals, take courses in English, etc. As a result, you will quickly progress and this will serve you for the rest of your course. If you want to join a Canadian school in the English-speaking curriculum, you will have to pass a language certification to certify your level of English.

Different cooking habits

If you go to study in Canada, you will also have the opportunity to taste a new kind of food. Between poutine, meat pie, ears of crisse, fricot or the cipaille, you will be able to taste many new dishes.

Canada, a global melting pot

With a multicultural dynamic brought by great diversity, Canada is a real global melting pot in which you can make friends from all over the world.

Do you speak English? No, I prefer the French.

Canada has two official languages: English and French. If you are not reassured with your level of English, you can always come to a French-speaking region and enjoy all the advantages of the country!

Another good reason to study in Canada is to be able to take advantage of the many cultural activities. Canada is a country rich in history which has a multitude of very interesting museums. You also have world-renowned festivals like Tiff, the Toronto International Film Festival or the Quebec Carnival . What a great way to distract yourself after a revision session.

A lower cost of living than in other English-speaking countries

Although the quality of the standard of living and the education system is among the highest in the world, tuition and living costs are still more affordable than in other countries such as the United States or England. Thus, you can count around 15,000 € to be able to integrate the University of Montreal as an international student.

If you needed one last good reason to convince you to study in Canada, this is it! Canada is on the rise right now because their borders are open. Universities have interesting offers to welcome future students.

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