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The ICF program’s core portion should take nine to twelve months. Students will access some of the best accessible life coach training throughout this period. Students participate in our excellent Student Mentor & Support Sessions when students’ ICF program first starts. The life coaching academy has built a reputation for offering high-quality instruction in a setting encouraging remarkable student results. With the help of advanced skills, students who successfully finish this inspiring executive coaching accreditation and training can make significant changes in their lives and those around them.

The ICF formal training includes the Learner Mentoring & Support Session, whose delivery is of the highest calibre in a first-rate learning setting. The ICF accredited online coach training program at The Life Coaching Academy provides all electronic teaching materials as part of student enrolment, so you won’t need to make any further purchases and can focus on yourself. Some of the top active coaches will take you through the ICF-accredited online coaching training program, which includes several lectures and workshops. There are numerous chances to practice what you learn throughout the thematic sessions of the student’s ICF program. You learn much more quickly and get individualised attention since visitors work in small numbers. 

While enrolled in the ICF program, students will learn:

  • The responsibilities of a life coach
  • Students’ commitments, duties, and responsibilities. 

The coaching approach

  • A coaching program that is (ICF accredited) enables you to coach successfully.
  • Learn to feel empathy with student clients while maintaining a solid commitment to successful outcomes. 

Learn how to enhance students’ capacity for listening.

  • How to spot a customer who is being reticent
  • The art of hearing “between the lines.” 

Increasing student’s client’s trust

  • Acquire the ability to establish a rapport right away.
  • How to create a solid, enduring connection with students’ clientele. 

Questioning techniques

  • The secret to successful coaching is asking the correct questions.
  • Develop the ability to persuade customers to share their genuine aspirations and objectives. 

Beliefs and values

  • Acquire the ability to comprehend students’ clients’ worldviews and the factors that influence their behaviour.
  • How to handle difficulties relating to relationships and values • How or when to avoid passing judgement or making criticism 

Sessions in practice

  • An opportunity to put what you’ve learned into practice while receiving immediate, helpful feedback on how you’re doing. Initial coaching session
  • How to conduct students’ self throughout the first meeting to monitor students’ client’s development
  • The details you need to ascertain at the first meeting 

Developing and establishing student coaching business

  • The day-to-day operations of an ICF coach.
  • Acquire skills in self-promotion and service marketing.
  • How to run students’ medical practice like a successful business.
  • The five most frequent errors in business and how to prevent them

After students’ Student Tutoring & Support Sessions, you are assigned a student Mentors coach who will help you through the practical portion of the program, provide you with helpful, practical feedback on students tutoring abilities based on experience, and support you in starting a student coaching company. You will also do a hands-on training session with the students coaching team while participating in online instruction webinars in coaching, NLP, and business development.

A research project, a book review, and a knowledge quiz are among the practical outcome-driven evaluations you’ll complete. You will get extensive instruction in starting, marketing, and scheduling a student coaching company to ensure you are well equipped for students’ new paths. The student’s program concludes with an Exit Interview and a training session with a senior coach from the Academy. At this point, students’ whole training program will be scrutinised.

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